MGG Chapter 3 – I’m a winner, but it looks like there’s also something bothersome.

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I’m a winner, but it looks like there’s also something bothersome.

I felt the radiant light flowing through the window, waking me up.

Suddenly, as I woke up, a pretty brown-haired person held me in their arms.

Ah… I see, I was reincarnated.

“Abu … baa!”

“Yes yes, I am your mother, Ain.”

Apparently, my name is Ain.

And this beautiful person is my mother, it would seem.

“Yes Yes, thanks for being born healthy” ?

Likewise, I am happy that my mother was beautiful.

Huh? But wasn’t that japanese just now?

It’s like listening to ordinary japanes, but I guess it might be a bonus.

Hah~… I feel so hungry…

“Fuuu… oh gya ! oh gya ! “

“Ara , food ? Yes yes, food is up there~”

Fumu. I can drink as much milk as I can from such a beautiful mother.

It’s wonderful ! I started crying unconsciously because I felt hungry
Even thought there was such drawback, the benefit surpassed that.

However, it’s difficult to feel any kind of eroticism… As expected, is it because she’s my mother?

Or because I am a baby, that was sort of born with a consciousness…

Ah, I’m already full mom, thank you…

“Ara ara, it’s time to sleep now, you need to grow up as a splendid knight, Ain.”


“Ara dear… just a minute, it takes some time.”

“N? I see, I’ll go to sleep… his only job is to eat and to sleep, I hope he will grow well.”

The destination seemed at first glance to be a gorgeous room.

This house, there is no doubt that I’m a winner.

…Is it possible to spend a laid back life without getting involved in political strife ?
Oh well. For now, let’s sleep, my drowsiness is already at its limit…

Mom told me to become a splendid knight… I’m sorry, my abilities are…

“Alright, there information to organize.”

Four years have passed since I was transferred to this world.

In the meantime, I wasn’t bothered from the beginning when it came to the language, and after a while, it became possible for me to talk.

First of all, my physical abilities; I think that this is definitely an advantage.

My growth is faster than the surroundings, and even if you are 7 years old, I can often win even if in a race.

Next is the long-awaited magic.

Since coming to this world, I have had many opportunities to experience things such as magic.

I read in the study that I crept in, that there’s basically a many attributes, and that there is a special attribute which only usable with the absence of aptitude

However, there are both good and bad points when the level of difficulty changes.

I tried only the first part, but there was nothing particularly bad about magic good and bad.

“About these two points, maybe this was also a benefit.”

There was no such thing in the explanation from the Goddess.

But, how about having all those talent so far ? I think I do.

My father is a famous general in the country, and my mother seems to have been a magician who worked in the castle, so it is hard to throw away the possibility of heredity.

The strength of heredity is strong in this world, apparently.

As a result, even if it was heredity, it was an additional benefit of my own luck that has brought my in this family.

Even if it is not hereditary, it is a story that there is only the merit of being able to be born to such a child luckily.

But there is only one thing that I think was definitely a benefit. I feel that when I’m studying, I can get and remember things immediately.

I already got the knowledge of a 14 years old adult, such as the history of the kingdom of Heim, in which I was born.

I think I had never been able to do that.

In fact, such an image did not appear.

“My face is not bad, isn’t it?”

Inheriting the beautiful brown hair that my mother olivia has, my father… Logas’s masculine face.

I’m proud to say that I am looking forward to my future.

“Yes, I’m a winner!”

Tsushaoraaa! I want you to understand why I felt like screaming, I didn’t think it would work out this well.

Although my skill is disappointing, Mother told me that Ain could be a splendid knight as well, so I try my best to do something with it.


“Yeeees, I’m going now!”

By the way, I’m on my way back from Father’s training break.

 Well, even though I say I’m training, I’m only swinging a wooden sword around.

“Well, aren’t you a bad boy here ?”

…there is only one problem.

This guy, This old had.

“Mother Alma… good morning”

“Yes, good morning. Logas-sama has it also hard … a child who has neither battle nor magic aptitude, he has to train such a child.”

“…I bowed my head to Father for that.”

“It’s true, but it’s good… that my child got something like a Holy Knight skill, unlike you.”

The talents and skills are diagnosed at birth in this country.

Of course I was also diagnosed and it was easily exposed, this Toxin Decomposition EX!

Certainly everyone was surprised that it was marked as EX, but after all it’s still just Toxin Decomposition.

No, I understood…

In comparison, my little brother, a boy born from the concubine Alma, was born with a cool skill such as Holy Knight.

He’s younger than me by two years, But my father is also saying that he is looking forward to it, and got high expectation.

By the way, my younger brother Glint is a characteristic child who has inherited Alma’s blonde hair and is likely to be handsome.

“Yes, I’m really sorry for having troubled my father, and that’s why I’ll do my best to make it possible … I hope I can help a little.

“Fuuu… yes. I want Glint to stand as the heir heir in the future


Well, Glint becoming the heir is highly likely to happen.

Even the lady is honest, the attitude towards Glint is kinder than the attitude towards me. And sweet as well.

I had never received a present, and mom lamented it adding some present for me, that I noticed was for me.

Thank you, mom.

“Eh, yes. Then please excuse me, I am called by my father.”

“Don’t let him wait then. Hurry up and go.”

It’s your voice who stopped me

I’m gonna turn blond hair into drill.

Well … I think that I shouldn’t get rid of them at least, I think.

I want to Mother away from the me who is awakening to an Oedipus complex (sincerely)

“You’re late! Ain! What were you doing, I’ll call you sooner next time!”

“I’m sorry. Mother Alma called out to me.”

“…I see, what were you talking about ?”

“I need to do my best to be useful to Father and Glint, therefore i was asked to work hard for it.”

“I… see. And so, what are you going to do ?”

“…Of course, I said I was going to, but why?”

“No, nothing, then let’s start today’s training. Take the sword.”

“Yes! Please take care of me today again!”

Father Logas thinks that I want to gain more strength and endurance, even if it’s only a little.

However, both Glint and Alma are important family members for Logas. Because of that, I did not think to say bad things to those two people.

However, I could not mean to point out that as I should not say anything rude to.

The eldest son of the Roundheart household, Ain, was in the bath while the maid was preparing his room.

 He was still very young, yet a smart boy, a gentle man, and had a very good reputation among the maids.

“Oof… with this, the bed making is over, next is… “

Although Ain’s room is that of the eldest son of the family, it does not have many extra luxury items.

Speaking of expensive things, it was a thing to rest the body such as bed and sofa.

Of course, the maids cleaning off the dust from the sofa by tapping it lightly with their hands, so that Ain, who is the main resident of this room, could feel comfortable.

“Ara ? I wonder if it broke again…”

Ain’s room was different from the ones of the other residents, and it was easy to illuminate it.

A small magic stone was put on the light and the light was lit with the magic as a medium.

“Hmm … I think there are a lot of defective products lately. This is already the third time we need to replace it this month.”

Ain’s room’s magic stone has already been exchanged twice a month.

Usually it needed to be changed only one time each month, so it was strange that Ain’s room’s needed to be changed three times a month.

“Ain-sama only eat when his stomach is empty… huh. If he eats something like magic stones, He’s body would break. Even if It looks delicious.”

Since the magic stone of Ain’s room immediately loses its effect, isn’t Ain consuming its contents? It was a joke-rumor among the maids, but…


It’s painful to be compared to your family member.

But Ain, who is somewhat strengthened mentally, should do his best.

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