131 : placement anouncement

Thanks a lot to aridharma21blog for their help with the editing.

side: Yuki

Well, I explained the outline of the strategy beforehand, the remaining is where to put it.

Mistakes in allocation will result in painful harm.

Well, as for level, everyone is the strongest class so I do not need to worry about that.

I would like to reduce the number of death as much as possible.

someone’s wife will die, I want to absolutely avoid it. (tln: i’m not sure 嫁さんの誰かが死ぬとか絶対避けたいし。)

「Well, I will now tell you about the schedule, is it okay ?」

Everyone nods.

“So, since we have not expressed any objections so far, we can say that we’ll move with my strategy, so let’s close down the details.”

That said, first point: Weed.

“First of all it is the departure. The elite of three countries and elite of weed will leave weed.Leader here and Liliana in attendance, Zergis, Raiah, seraria, me, I will go with Ellis.Then,The general is Erju. ”

There is no general over Erju this time.

The morale of the army, and also the justifiable part increases the effect furthermore with Erju.

I can tell the soldier that he is so serious.

I write on the white board.

“Among them, seraria, I, Ellis together with Liliana, firstly work with me and the Demon king castle capture, so I am qualified as a substitute and work for Lariana in Zargis, Raiah.”

The five people told nodded.

“As the knowledge of each country is, as you know, Ares Leicester from Rochele, Lowell from Galtz, as well as Higil, Cracks from Ritea, all of them are commanders of that kind All of us are also aware of the circumstances from back then, so it will help us. ”

With this, there is nothing wrong with the Allied forces’ advancement.

“By the way, in order to reduce the number of dead of this side as much as possible, we are supplying handmade weapons from Weed. Let’s think about whether this will be returned, transfered or sold as it is, It will also be an advertisement of the weapons made by the company. ”

“…… shrewd isn’t it, onii-san” (tln: I do not understand this one : 「……抜け目ないですね、お兄さん」)(edited)

“Well, we have money brought to various places through military action, we have to make profit somewhere”

“Well, this time the elite soldier has applying things from this place, they have allowance for it. Somehow have to deal with that part.” (tln: same as before : 「そうね。今回の精鋭出兵はこちらから願い出たものだし、支度金でかなりもっていかれてるわ。その分は何とかしないとね」)(edited)

“even Lutz has done quite a bit of stuck-up of arms and portable food for the period during which this soldier gathering isn’t it?.” (tln: i’m sorry x) : 「ラッツだって、この兵士が集まる期間に合わせて、武具関連と携帯食料系の仕入れをかなりやってるだろう?」)(edited)

“That’s right, I will not escape at the time of business.”

Yes, this rapid and elaborate dispatch is not mercy or self-payment of each country, so we could do it promptly as we have it.

In the form that the said party pays the money for the time being.

In any case, there will be support for assistance, but now it will not be convinced by the vassal, no matter what king of the partner country is.

In a sense, we will prove the practicality of the gate and that we can quickly form a coalition.

“The action of the military will starts advancing in two days from now. We will take the slime and goblin’s troops to slaughter and get rid of wild monsters while grabbing the troop route with the dungeon before that.”

we will surround the middle of the advanced troops.

we’ll deploy Surachi at this point.

“Demon King Castle Capture will wait for a while except for those who are said to be waiting for, but the means of transportation is the Marauder, ​​so you can leave the driver and be advised to operate the dungeon as usual. By the way, this is insurance when rumors such as we knock down the demon kingdom flowed. ”

“Oh, that’s what I thought I’d be willing to wait without forced work.”

“Even if the rumor spreads out that in the emergency, we have defeated the demon king in the Demon King Castle, it will not be a problem,”

“That’s what it is, it’s a dummy doppel, but with Doppel, the exchange of information is not perfect, but rather everyone in Weed can tell whether we are genuine or fake”

Yes, up until now I was setting up a doppel as a shadow but the exchange of information is not perfect.

There is no problem in taking over work etc, but there was a mistake in relation to someone talking about this.

After that, to make it easy to understand if it is a doppel, the upper part of Weed teaches a certain difference.

“From the distance, it’s the 4th at Maroda. Driving is impossible with the march, so I will ask Lutz and Kaya as the center”


These two people would have been driving without problems when going to Garuz.

“Before going to Demon King Castle, stop at a kilometer before and set up a transfer with a dungeon function, so we will capture the devil castle at once”

Doing so points to the Demon King Castle.

It is only halfway here.

“Liliana-san, Zergis, Raiah have the map of the Demon castle interior, so we may come out by any chance, so keep this in mind.”

Everyone seems to devour the Demon King Castle map I took out.

“Copying will be done later. After negotiating Demon King Castle, negotiate with a partner in Seiyu while protecting Liliana-san, and this is our action.”

“It’s been a while since I went there.”

“Well, then the Allied Army arrived in Sekiguchi, the first members that served in the area are attacking together, the same is true of the Demon King Castle, and regarding the remaining members, the ranks’ hero-related things have already been completed Let’s hear from Kuyu to respond, so I can not but I can call, so I do not need to worry so much around the side. ”

I say so and look at everyone.

Did you get what you want to say?

“Oh, that’s how it was.”

And Lutz.

“It was there”

And Millie.

Everyone else has a surprised face, he nods.

“What happened?”

When I listen to it, everyone once looks face to face, say at the same time.

“” “I’ve completely forgotten about Ranksu ‘s problem” ”

I am moved by that reply.


“No, I do not mean there is no impact”

“Oh yeah right?”

“… the shadow is thin”

“I am doing something I am doing”

I will laugh at such a slight saying.

Oh, it’s a regrettable rank.

All the wives are already getting out of it.

If you do it, one person raises a voice of doubt.

“Well, you, Summeda, I wonder if I can join you?”

That is Leia who works for me as an attendant.

I have not told her that she is a hero yet, but she is already doing forced leveling in the dungeon.

she has Already reach level 120, she can fight as it is.

But, she should think why you can participate in the big work such as Demon King Castle capture.

“Of course, it is not good unless there is Leia.”


“Well, maybe you are the trump card for when something happens.”

seraria and I said so, everyone else nodded.

“what do you mean?”

Leia tilts her head.

But, everyone knows.

In the unlikely event that the Demon King is not available, you have to rely on the hero called Leia.

Although it seems not to be a godsman, I do not feel well, but it is bad that the Demon King will be killed surely.

So, taking the risks, I will take Leia to the battlefield.

Yes, I have another job before the Demon King Castle capture.

Awaken the brave Leia.

Impossible game. Honestly I don’t want it. (tln: not sure, original tl is :Impossible gay, I want to relieve honestly: 無理ゲー、正直ほっときたい。)(edited)

Although I want to go slowly later, it is natural that my wife prepare for cases where we could not win.

Permission granted, go ahead and do ‘nyannyan’. (tln: not idea what it mean :許可も下りてるから、さっさとリーアとにゃんにゃんしろとお達しだ。)(edited)

In what world do you have to place your husband in another woman embrace?

Besides, we love each other firmly.

The time limit is about 6 days.

Whether I get blown away or get along with Leia, Death Match was about to start.

Rather than the Demon King, this is more scary! ! (tln:魔王より、こっちが怖いわ!!)(edited)

You haven’t forgotten ranksu, do you?

You have ‘t forgotten the hero of Love, don’t you?

author note :

Yuki is really busy this time.

I am sorry. I will be absent by mistake correction etc. tomorrow.

Okay, the continuation of yesterday

Q. What games and stories did you refer to?

A. Story Part 2. Shall I go out with ordinary novels, books, movies today?

· Sangokushi

Saying it, genre that you should look through once if the different world, strategy, politics are involved. There are numerous novels, movies, as well as games.

“Now is it! Jahn, Jahn !!”

“Is this a trap of Komei?”

·Harry potter

Both of us are wide with novels and movies. Of course there is a detailed description of the novel, so I think you can enjoy it even if you watch a movie?

· Tadashi Sanada

Ten stories talked to Sanada of creation. This is also interesting. Sarutobi Sasuke and many other fictitious characters who became famous from this story, I think that you can see how popular this was.

Sun Tzu

Hitting and changing, the law of war.



“Six 韜”


“Sima law”

“Li Wei public opinion vs”

And there are other things, Sun Tzu is the most famous.

It is translated in the world.

It is better to say that this is a way of being rather than a military law book.

It is said that it can be compared to everything.

I can open a new world through the first visit.

· Weapon Protector Dictionary

I bought it for my hobby. Good ones with descriptive illustrations as easy as possible are good.

Then the depiction of the weapon will become finer and you can think about the occurrence from the explanation and the origin of the manufacturing method. How to use it too.

· Star Trek series

It is a space strategy, Star Trek, Voyager and a movie drama.

It is SF fine. The idea is also flying and it is fun to watch.

Oh, because it was my father’s hobby, I am not an elderly person.

· The presidential police

Drama starring Odagiri Joe, a hobby, to investigate the case that became the prescription.

Gag is excellent. Fucking funny.

If you grab the tempo of laughter this.

· Die · Hard series

“Were you alive, McLane”

“It is often said”

And a movie starred by immortal detective Blues Willis.

I do not need any explanation.

· Jurassic Park series

Dinosaur panic movie.

Is it easy to understand the depiction of monsters and the situation of panic?

The content is interesting too.

· MIB Men · In · Black

Space story of the earth’s space managers in SF.

Because it can make you laugh, you should watch it.

A treasure trove of American jokes.

· Sadako Series

I want to see correspondence of Sadako on a small TV since I can do it at once.

As you know about excellence as a horror.

Also, I wonder if anyone is going to get in touch with Sadako with “Do not look by your eyes.”

·Lord of the Ring

Is not it? Sadako is the king’s story.

And this time it will be around here.

Please let me know if you would like to ask something like this genre.

See you soon.

translator note :

again i’m sorry for all the mistake and mistranslated part and thanks in advance for your help, it took me around 2h to do this, but i’m more limited by my knoledge than by time.

i’ll try to translate 1 chapter a week at the very least, in the ideal one every 2 days.

thanks for reading/

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    1. thanks, and I just finished reading the 130 chapter so concerning the name of the character they are still fresh in my head it might be that i wasn’t careful enough about the changement during the translation process (such a great word to define copy paste in google translate x) )

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  1. some help from TranslationAgregator.exe user that have bad grammar
    「……抜け目ないですね、お兄さん」) –> … cunning/shrewd is’nt it, oni-san
    「そうね。今回の精鋭出兵はこちらから願い出たものだし、支度金でかなりもっていかれてるわ。その分は何とかしないとね」 –> Well, this time the elite soldier has applying things from this place, they have allowance for it. somehow have to deal with that part
    ラッツだって、この兵士が集まる期間に合わせて、武具関連と携帯食料系の仕入れをかなりやってるだろう?–>even Lutz has done quite a bit of stock up arms and portable food, for the period during which this soldier gathering isnt it?
    無理ゲー、正直ほっときたい。 –>Imposible game, honestly i dont want do it.
    許可も下りてるから、さっさとリーアとにゃんにゃんしろとお達しだ –> permission granted, go ahead and do ‘nyannyan'(cute way a girl or woman said Sex)
    魔王より、こっちが怖いわ! –> rather than Maou, this more scary


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